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Caring about community
You Must Be the Change You Wish to See in the World.

1. Our Principal Architect, member of Pune Riverside Round Table India 105, donated an Ambulance to InLak & Budhrani Hospital, Koregaon park. We successfully assisted the Sadhu Vaswani Missions Medical Complex and inaugurated an Ecco ambulance van worth 7.96 lakhs.


2. As a part of Cii Pune, team RPtecture and other companies created a mass movement through ‘Traffic Volunteering Initiative’ wherein respective organisation’s employees simultaneously advocated for this cause at various traffic signals near their company location.

Taking part in this initiative was an ideal opportunity for us to promote life-saving messages and show our commitment to road safety to employees and their families, customers, suppliers and local communities.  

Grabbing the opportunity to show our social commitment, designers of RPtecture happily participate in the activity keeping the integrity in the field of Architecture and Interior design.

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